First Emotional Evaluation of Labor

Healing from traumatic giving birth


Not always  childbirth is a reason for joy


*  did you have bad experiences during labor

-  was your treatment without respect

  - didn't  the doctor explain or ask you agreement for treatment

 - did you feel very lonesome during labor, there was no partner

 - your birth  plan were complete fall to pieces

*  did you get any medicine during labor

*  was vacuum, manipulations or sectio needed


If so, it isn't strange to have:

* depressions

*  gyneacological problems

* strong feelings of agression

* crying baby

* breastfeeding problems

* your partner easily become stressed since baby is born

* and so on 



What is F.E.E.L.


F.E.E.L. is a new method by having a special interview


This interview is divided in 2 parts:


- first about your experience during labor, like it Was

- then part two HOW you HAD WISHED this labor


First part is short, in the second part you must FEEL how that alternative could have been felt


After FEEL interview you totally feel quite different about your labor: rest- and peaceful.


And that is not all !!


Also your baby become satisfied and more peaceful

You also can change the negative impacts of a traumatic birth (PTSD); even some long terms effects


You and your partner get positive feelings about the days of childbirth. And your baby agree!


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